Hold On To Your Divinity (part two)



After six years of continuous spiritual study, not to mention all the years spent earlier in life in meditation and contemplation, I have read the Tao Te Ching at least a thousand times, studied the Buddha Sutra’s, the Bible(mostly the New Testament), read OSHO, Earnest Holmes, Deepak Chopra, A Course In Miracles, Paramahansa Yogananda, …. I have studied hundreds of books. I have had many clients over the last few years, and also have traveled, lead workshops, and spoken to many people in depth. In the end, what I know is that when I get disturbance of any kind, it is because I am feeling insecure.

The funny thing is that the initial response upon hearing this news, is “Me? I’m not insecure! Get out of here with that pansy spirituality stuff!”

Yes, when we are insecure, we put up walls. We put things in front of us to protect us, such as alcohol, drugs, personalities, cigarettes, relationships, and yes, we even take on certain strong belief’s and convictions.

If you are angry or self-righteous, it you are adamant about your belief’s and have a strong need to prove that you are right, as a matter of fact, whatever upset that you may have at all, at any time, and under any condition, would be the result of insecurity.

Any threat to our security blanket causes us agitation. We become divided up into groups, or “pods” as I like to call them. People who drink a lot do not like to hang out with people who do not drink a lot. Southern Baptist ministers do not hang out with New Thought ministers, or Episcopal ministers. People like to hang out with people who are “like-minded”.

The issues arise when after we join a group of like-minded people, our group decides that all the other groups are “wrong” and that we are “right”.

This is a way to measure someone else’s or your own insecurity. The more important it is for a person to be right will show exactly how insecure they are. (I am okay if you don’t believe me)

And this is also the answer to why someone would feel the need to take away your own personal Divinity. (the word “individuality works really well here too, and thanks to my pal Ray Lundy for helping me to discover this).

If I am insecure in what I am doing or with life in general, I need security. My “pod” provides me with that. The more insecure I am, the more my need to be “right”. So any other “pod” or belief system can easily be seen as a threat to my security.

In other words, insecurity needs you to believe what it believes. It needs to find a “pod” to belong to and surround its self with. And it needs for you to join the “pod” too. Of course, if you don’t, then there is obviously something wrong with you and your way of thinking. Right? Right.

The questions now arise; “What are we so insecure about?” “What are we so afraid of?”

You will want to watch for part three of this series, because in part three I will answer these questions and more. We will journey to the very core of our being and find out where fear and insecurity comes from.

And then we will begin to erase it.

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