Hold On To Your Divinity (part three)


kyle_ssi_006In part two of this blog, we discovered that people try and take away your Divinity or your individuality, because they are afraid and insecure. Understanding this can only lead us to next ask; Why are people afraid and insecure?

The answer in short, is that we all have a fear of death.

It is very common for me to meet someone who says that they have no fear of death. I think that I understand this mode of thought, but at the same time, I must point out that mentally and physically, we are made to protect ourselves.

All of our natural instincts are against death. These instincts are engrained in us, they are a part of us, both mentally and physically.

For instance, if your body is injured by a cut, the body begins the repair immediately. There is no, “We’ll get to you when we can” with the body. It appears as if the body begins the healing process at the same instant the wound is made.

Let a tornado swoop down in to your back yard.

Any kind of danger will set you into action, because the mind-body is made that way. You are made to protect yourself from danger and you can’t help it. We all have this physical reflex, or revolt towards danger of any kind.

We try to protect ourselves mentally too. And this is point of today’s discussion. You see the “ego” or the “mind” feels a great need to protect its self. The ego has a strong need to be right. The ego has a strong need to be stroked, and to get love and attention. Often times our minds see danger even where there is none.

But underneath this layer is another layer that in truth, most of us are not conscious of.

The truth is that we don’t remember before we were here on earth, and we just woke up, or “came into consciousness” here. So we had no control, and this means that we don’t really have control now. We might die at any time, and not only that, but people we love might die at any time too. This is the underlying reality of having life. One day you will not have life.

Having no control, what we seek most, is security. We seek to be grounded. We seek to create an illusion which will allow us to feel as if we are in control of a situation that we are not in control of. Many of us are unaware of the reasons we do things. We are aware of the surface, but not of what lies below the surface. In other words, what causes the cause.

Our belief’s, our relationships, our personal possessions, these are all things that we use on the surface in order to keep the fears out of sight.

So our personality and our “belief’s” mean a lot to us. Especially when it comes to spiritual or religions belief’s. We use our belief’s to eradicate out fear, or to cover it up. As people, we gather in groups of like-minded people, of people who have certain things in common. Of course it is only natural to be around people who we can relate to, but then there is another phenomenon that arises; We think that other people should have our very same belief’s. 

On the surface level, I think you should inherit my belief’s simply because they are right. But on a deeper level, what I really need is for you to confirm that I am right. I need for you to see things the way I do, because then there is someone else who is like me. Then, I am not alone. If you and I both believe, then it becomes “we believe”, which is stronger.

On the other hand, the illusion that I have created(my belief’s) will be in question if you don’t also agree. And this is my security, my roundedness, this is all that I have to help maintain my sanity. You absolutely cannot tell me that I am not right, no matter what. I cannot allow my belief’s to be questioned, because of all that lies underneath. (even though we have no awareness of this)

A persons need to be “right” is equal to his fear and insecurity.

The next time you are confronted with a situation of this sort, take a moment and observe that what is happening is that a person is simply acting out of fear. Seeing this and understanding what is really going on, helps me to not take it personally and get upset or angry myself.

I have become very okay with other people. Even people who live in such depths of fear. I have fear myself. We all have fears, no matter if we are in touch with them or not.

Today I can allow you to have whatever belief’s that you may have, without questioning my own self. Today I choose that my actions will be from love, instead of fear. And so it is!

kyle 4Kyle Shiver is a spiritual healer and works with people all over the U.S. via phone/Skype, and also in his office in Savannah GA. If you are stuck, let’s get you un-stuck and moving with the flow! kyle@thespiritcenter.us 912-495-8520


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