Nice sign!

Nice sign!

It was in my twenty fifth year here on earth that I got my calling.

Choirs of angels sounded, there were brilliant flashes of light, and it was as if one Kyle was just instantly replaced with “the new Kyle”. Not only did I change, everything in the Universe changed. I mean everything.

As many of you know, my calling was to be a musician.

I had been playing music since before I can really remember. Even as a very small child, I can remember being able to find little tunes on plastic toy guitars I’d get my parents to buy me. You couldn’t actually tune these, but I was then just as I am now; I can play a tune on a hammock string or anything else that makes noise.

Dad bought me a learner guitar for Christmas when I was eight years old, and took me to my first lesson. By the time my birthday came around in May of that year, he was convinced enough to get me a real guitar to play. The following years were filled with music, lessons, and more guitars.

I was an avid fan of music. I went from “Mary Had A Little Lamb” to “Sweet Home Alabama” in a flash and never looked back. My parents never had to push me to practice, instead their plight was to pull me away from practice to eat or do anything else.

At age twenty five, I was living in Atlanta. I had tried school, as well as various occupations. There had been a couple of times when I’d thought that I’d “found my way”, only to have my balloon popped. I was floundering, working a dead end retail job, and playing gigs most every night. I’d work all day and could hardly wait to get out of there so I could escape to my room or to my gig and play music.

When left alone, I’d always wonder, “What am I going to do with my life?” and “What am I going to be when I grow up?”

It never once occurred to me that I already was “it”. That I was already doing “it”. The thought that I could play music, or of being a musician never crossed my mind. All the musicians I knew were “weekend warriors” and everybody knew that music was just a “side thing”.

When I had this “self-realization”, or “spiritual awakening”, or “got my calling”, or however you prefer to refer to it, I said to God; “Well why didn’t you just say so?” I asked myself, “How could you not have known???”

If it had been a snake, it would have bitten me.

I was blind and could not see. Even the most very obvious thing in the world had been hidden from my view. When finally it was revealed to me, my perception changed immensely. Thus the entire world did too.

This happened in 1994, and I continued to work a day job until 1997. The day job was just to support my music. After that I walked away and haven’t worked for anyone since. I work for God, the way I am supposed to.

Over the past few years, I’ve found myself repeatedly here, writing away. I’m working on a book or two as well. I’ve found myself going to school online, taking classes at church, playing music at church’s, leading seminar’s on creativity and meditation at church’s all over the southeast, and now it has become commonplace for me to visit a church, play music, teach meditation, and give the message. Sometimes the ministers take the day off while I’m there and just let me run the show.

The experience I had in 1994 taught me a lot. Today I just look at what I am doing. I look at what I am excited about. Where is my enthusiasm? These things tell me not what I’m going to be or what I’m going to do, but what I already am.

My message for you today is that you are greater than you could ever imagine. Your life isn’t “just because”. It could not possibly be that way. You are here for a reason, and you have a purpose in life. It is for you to dis-cover and then bring to fruition.

Don’t worry, the Father won’t give you a car and then expect you not to drive it. He won’t give you a car and not teach you how to drive it if needed. Don’t take your body and your mind and this opportunity to be here and alive for granted, as we can so easily do. You matter. It matters. Everything matters.


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Jacquie Fajans says:

Always a Joy to read your work!