“Behold, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!”

In the book of Matthew, we read John the Baptist making this statement, and later we find that Jesus says it as well. “Behold, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!” Even in the time of Jesus, men were so blind that they would respond “Where is Heaven?” “When will we see Heaven?”
It’s kind of like a magic trick, either you see, or you don’t.

There are all kinds of descriptions of Heaven. I have heard of angels, streets of gold, no sorrow, singing, a Utopia of sorts that I was to assume was somewhere in the sky above. It was where God lived. As a child, of course this sounded appealing to me, but as I got older, it began to carry less and less weight with me. The God that I was taught about was sort of like Santa Clause in that if you were good, you got a present(Heaven), and if you were bad, you got switches(hell). As a child I saw the Bible stories as the parables that they are, Spiritual lessons for us to learn from, but my teachers seemed more interested that I take the stories literally than learn any lessons or discuss any Spiritual topics. Like many of us have done, I became very disillusioned with the church, and struck out on my own, only to return later on with the same questions: “Who am I am what am I doing here?” “If God is so loving, how come there is so much terror and sickness in the world?” and “Why do we have to die?” I found myself as an adult, facing these same questions that I had faced as a child, but this time, I was bound and determined to find the answers that were satisfactory to me, the TRUTH!

“Behold, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” The truth is that I became convinced that I was in Heaven long before I ever saw it or felt it. I knew that Heaven and hell were in the same exact place. It was all a matter of perception, and I happened to have a very jaded, negative perception about most things, most importantly, myself. I was dogged by addictions, anger, fear, guilt, self loathing, and I had lost any kind of direction in my life.
That doesn’t sound very Heavenly does it?
We are all in the same boat. Honestly we are. Nobody is any more less vulnerable than anybody else. There is the money element, and it is nice to have money, but I knew wealthy people who didn’t seem very happy, and I knew middle class and even poor people who seemed perfectly happy and not to have a care in the world. I knew it was perception, not money, that would allow me to see and live in Heaven. I was convinced that what I was looking for was inside of me, not outside. I knew that outside conditions had been ruling my life for long enough, I understood that  other people don’t make me feel the way I feel or to do the things I do. It’s all me.

If you can’t see Heaven, it’s YOU! Heaven is always here, but we are blind to it. Try this statement: “I now make a decision to actually see Heaven”. Just flat out decide that you will see. This is when you will find what is in the way, the things that are blocking you. This is when you can begin to remove the blocks. Honestly, just knowing that I was in Heaven meant the world to me, even before I could see it of feel it. For the first time I knew it was real and that it was there. Now, after years of persistent work and study and most of all, meditation, I live a majority of my life in Heaven. “Heaven” is joy, bliss, a positive disposition, and it is right here and now, not somewhere up in the sky. It isn’t a place to go when you die if you were good. Right here, right now, in this moment, is Heaven, Nirvana, the Garden of Eden.

Please let me know if I can be of any help to you on your journey! I want to hear from you about your experiences, your trials and tribulations. We are on this journey together!

Many blessings and Absolute Presence!


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Dedra Shuman says:

What a blessing it was to read this. Thank you for sharing your insightful words.