Healing. Do You Believe?


First off, I want to thank Ellen Farrell for the wonderful article that she shared with us last week! Hopefully, we can talk Ellen into contributing more to the site!

Now for this weeks musings:
Lately I have been sharing with you my personal thoughts and experiences on healing. What you see around you on the surface, is created by what is below the surface. Being honest, and kind, and coming to understand how we can project how we feel about ourselves onto others are crucial aspects of healing. In my personal meditations I have been experimenting with focus, and moving energy around to different parts of my body, and of course, I have been studying healing with sound too.

The other night I was holding someone in prayer who needs healing, but has no idea that I am praying for them. As I contemplated the situation, it seemed as if I was approaching SPIRIT as if it would be a tough job to heal this person, and I suddenly realized: This is SPIRIT here! The Creator of the Universe! What trouble could it possibly be to heal my friend, or to touch my friend in a way that would send him toward healing?

Of course I believe fully in healing, that we can heal ourselves,and that we can assist in healing others, but here I was clearly confronted with a real situation and a real sickness. It struck me so hard that of course The Creator/SPIRIT/God could with no effort do this healing. So what did I need to do to facilitate it? What was the cause of the sickness in the first place? If it is true that everything happens for a reason, would I be interfering?

I envisioned my friend perfectly healed. I envisioned his SPIRIT, the part of him that is connected with me and that connects us all. Then I said “Thy Will be done, not mine.” I must say that this experience has changed me on some deep level, as simple as the experience may sound.

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Eric says:

I had an experience with healing a few times in my life, the one that comes to mind is that one day my mom asked me to help stop the pain in her knee. I was studying Kabalah at the time, so she figured it couldn’t hurt. I sat down and did my best to channel the healing energy as I thought of it at that time. I pushed, I pulled, but all I could feel was a trickle of that energy, no matter how hard I tried … it was just a trickle! So after 30 minutes of this my mother stated ” It doesn’t hurt anymore. You can stop now.” Instead of being happy about the trickle I was upset for not healing it more, the lesson I learned later in life was that they have to desire to be healed just as much as you want to heal them. It is a shared experience by all involved. The reason I got a trickle was because she only wanted the pain removed, she never asked to be healed. Hope this knowledge helps you with your experimentation!