Having Integrity


The last few blogs have been concerning changing our thoughts, and how and why we want to stop making excuses. Now we will shift over into having integrity.

Being from the south, I am very familiar with the phrase “You can take my word”, or “His word is good”. I’m sure you have heard this phrase used in some context, and you may have used it as I have, saying “You can take my word”. This phrase is simply saying “I have integrity” or “He has integrity”. Integrity is your word.

Now, when I decided to stop making excuses, it was obviously because I had discovered that I made excuses all the time. The reason I was making excuses all the time is because I was not doing what I said I was going to do, or I wasn’t accepting my responsibilities. One thing you don’t  want to do is accuse a southern man, or any man for that matter, of not having integrity. Better to let him come to that conclusion on his own, which is what I did.

What does changing my thinking, not making excuses, and practicing integrity have to do with ridding ourselves of stress? What do these things have to do with self-realization and leading a richer, fuller life of abundance? How about this equation: A general negative outlook on life + being on the defensive all the time and making lots of excuses + having little integrity = S T R E S S. If you want to lead a more abundant life, you must rid of stress, and this means that you must be willing to take a look at yourself and your life, and you must seriously consider making some changes.

We will examine Integrity more deeply in the next blog. Thank you for reading, and many blessings to you!

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