Happy Holidays? Yes!



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Happy Holidays!

Tonight, I went to Kroger to pick up some milk and a few other odds and ends. I have most everything wrapped for Christmas, but needed some bows and also a few stocking stuffers. Truth be told, I go to Kroger at least once a day for something or the or the other, but tonight when I got out of the car and looked up through the old oak trees and into the nighttime sky, I felt what I think is true happiness.

It used to be that I thought happiness simply meant getting what I wanted. When I didn’t get what I wanted, or when things weren’t working out the way I wished, I’d get angry or depressed. Typically, I spent a lot of time being angry or depressed.

It really turned me upside down when I learned that “getting relief” is not really happiness at all. Since I had to get what I wanted in order to be happy, all I really ever knew was relief. Imagine how surprising it was to discover that I didn’t even know what happiness was, and that I had never been happy!

When you place conditions on your happiness, then your happiness depends on something outside of yourself. You can only get caught in the same trap that I lived in so long. You always need something or for something to happen, in order to be happy. (or in this case, to get your relief)

What I have tonight doesn’t have any conditions on it. It feels so strong and powerful and just plain good. I have it because I did my best today, and my life is like a tidal wave of blessings. Even when things presented themselves as challenges today, I knew better. There is nothing in my life but blessings.

My spiritual advisor says “All that matters is when you go home at night and look in the mirror. You have to be satisfied with you.”

Tonight I am satisfied with me, and I am happy.

So I am going to have Happy Holidays, and I wish the same to you and your loved ones!

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Dedra Shuman says:

Your words bless me…they bless all who read then. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for…you. Be blessed.
Your happy and joyful friend,

kyle says:

Dedra my dear you are a very bright light!!!! Keep on shining it everywhere you go, as I know you will. See you soon!

David Cahill says:

Reading about your journeys and hearing you speak,,,does wonders to my soul,, as if you are speaking to me one on one,,,as you and Sam adams say,,,,, God will meet our needs,,, it’s taken me years to see that,,, ranting and raving,looking around wondering WHAT THE!!!!!! Well , brother Kyle, you and Sam have showed me how to look up towards the heavens!!!!!! Thank you Kyle , your friend Dave

kyle says:

Blessings to you David! Yes, the Universe is on your team 🙂 See you soon!

Jennye says:

Happiness truly is an inside job! When we each finally see that accepting life on life’s terms is our pathway of peace , we awaken to joy! So simple, and my dear , friend , thank you for sharing your journey with all of us, as we reciprocate! You are a special angel in my world!