Hanging With A Swami

Kyle with Swami Kenananda

Kyle with Swami Kenananda

“There has been a change in plans, and Swami wants to know if they can come today instead of tomorrow.” I heard her say through my iPhone. “Her” is Christine, who does all of the booking and scheduling for my brother Swami Kenananda. (Swami Ken for short).

“No” I heard myself say into the phone. “I am not prepared for that unless it is a dire emergency, we gotta stick to the plan of Swami arriving tomorrow.”

A part of me was afraid that this would offend Christine or Swami, but Christine wasn’t put off at all, and did not need or want to hear my excuses or reasons why. She just moved to the next item on the agenda, which was, “Well, I don’t really know what time Swami will arrive tomorrow, but he will be there in time for the program.”

It has taken some time for me to get used to dealing with people who aren’t sensitive, who don’t get pissed off, or who aren’t easily offended. I never realized how much of my life was spent around being sensitive to other people’s sensitivity’s.

Swami’s just roll with it, whatever it may be. And they are happy.

So this means that when you open your house to a Swami, you need to be prepared to just roll with it and be happy too.

My boundaries were respected and Swami and his entourage spent the night elsewhere and arrived at our house the next day according to the plan; before the program. There were two people with him, which I expected because that was the case last year when he came to stay with us. This time Swami had another Swami with him named Swami Bramananda, and there was another fellow named Eric.

Everything was fine as we got them settled in, but as we prepared to go to the meditation program Swami was going to present, they informed me that we had “one more coming” that would meet up with us at the program.

Sure enough at the program I was introduced to Isham, who would also be staying with us. Isham wasted no time in saying that the next day, we would be joined by yet “another one”. Sure enough, the next day while I was here typing in the garage, up walked Asha with her rolling suitcase and beautiful smile.

Now people often insinuate or flat out say, that I am a “hippy”. I’ve got long hair, I’m easy going and laid back and all, and everyone know’s I don’t live the traditional sort of life. I don’t do the traditional nine to five thing, but instead, make a living off of music and art, and now spiritual counseling. Basically I trust in the Universe, and have been this way for many years. So in some ways I’m not your typical guy.Swami and Isham

BUT… then again, I’m a white guy who has a house and a wife and a kid and two turtles and two hamsters and a cat and a dog, and we live in the suburbs. Also, I am an only child and am totally okay when nobody else is around.

I heard myself say to Swami Ken, “We’ll just have to see how my wife reacts to all this.”

That is when the little voice spoke up and said, “Hey wait a minute Kyle. Your wife and her friend Lizzie are always talking about moving into a more communal situation. Your wife has two sisters and your daughter is always inviting everyone she meets to, “Come to my house!?!?” Then the voice said, “Hey Kyle, maybe you are the one we need to worry about here. Maybe you are the one who is not so sure about all this. And maybe you might not want to use your wife as an excuse?”

I walked inside to survey the scene and found Swami Ken at the table eating honey. (Swami likes honey and collects it wherever he goes) Eric was on his laptop, Isham was washing dishes, the other Swami was sitting on the sofa working his cell phone, and Asha(the latest addition) was already teaching Lily(my daughter) some new dance moves in the living room.

I peered into my wife’s office where she sat editing pictures.

Then I walked back out in to the garage and Swami Ken followed me out. “We can all go if you are uncomfortable Kyle, and it is no problem.” he said to me in his loving Swami way. I told him, “I am uncomfortable, but I don’t want you to go. I think I need to do this.” Swami smiled and went back inside.

There was nothing wrong. I felt like something was wrong because I felt a bit out of control. But when I looked around me, everything was beautiful. So I picked up my boundary lines, and I moved them out a little further.

As a result I got to spend some time with some very beautiful Spirits who were very intelligent, and very good thinkers. I got to have some really in-depth sharing and conversation about spirituality, which is my favorite subject. I also got to participate in a Hindu ceremony in honor of Ganesh(everyone knows I love elephants) where Swami would say a mantra that I did not understand while we rotated coconuts around clockwise three times and then busted them on the street.

One day Swami Ken and I were alone, driving out to Tybee. We were talking about the Universe and duality and things like that, when he looked directly at me and said, “Kyle, you don’t have to worry about what other people think any more.” And I said, “Yes Swami.”

It was an amazing few days, and it was easier having them here than not, because they were very adamant about cleaning up after themselves, cooking, etc…

When they left, they left no trace except for a lot of smiles.
Kyle with the Swami gang


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