Hang On Let Go


IMG_5689My spiritual advisor jokes about this all the time.

“What do I do?”asked the student.

“Just hang on!” replies the teacher.

“How do I do that?” asks the student.

“Just let go.” says the teacher.

Lots of us have battles in our lives. Battles with drinking or drugs, battles with smoking, battles with calming the mind, battles with other people, battles with physical illness or with dealing with a loved one’s physical illness, and the list can go on and on.

I am convinced that our battles, challenges, or difficulties are actually for us.

My spiritual advisor also reminds me frequently that, “Pain is the touchstone of all spiritual growth.”

When we are faced with a battle or challenges which is difficult and painful, this is when we grow. These times force us to grow.

There comes that day when I realize that there really is no battle or challenge. The reason why it has appeared as if there is, is because of my lack of acceptance of a situation or a person, or my self.

Then it becomes clear that there is a problem because I have said so. I have decided this. It is all in my perception.

This is a process or an evolution that we go through in our lives, until maybe the day comes when we out grow it. The day comes when something comes up that we would typically do battle with, and instead, we just don’t go there.

No battle. No challenge. No pain. No difficulty. Just a peaceful acceptance of everything just like it is.

That is where I’m at today.

If you aren’t there yet, then hang on.

How do you hang on?

Let go!

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