God’s Got A Plan For YOU!


kyle_ssi_002 3Joel Olsteen and the other big-time preachers say this all the time, so I figured it might work to get your attention.

To say “God’s got a plan for you” sort of makes it sound as if God is that entity who is sitting on a throne up in the sky somewhere in Heaven. It sort of sounds as if all I have to do is keep waking up and going to the same old job and living the same old meaningless life, and one day, God is going to present me with His plan for me.

That is not how this thing works.

Oh yes, there is a God, and there is a Divine Plan or Purpose for your life, or you wouldn’t be alive. There is nothing in the Universe without purpose, and this goes for people just as much as for anything else. The only trouble is that in our society, we are often steered away from our purpose or from finding out what God’s plan is for us.

You have to figure that if God has a plan for you, then He has to let you know somehow. He would not have much reason to create you, have a plan for you, and then not let you in on it, would He?

The truth is that God has already given you your Divine Purpose, as well as the plan that He has for you. You just might not be aware of it.

You see, God created everything, including you and I. He even creates our thoughts and our wants and all the things that we sometimes think are “bad”. This may be a big step to take, but if God created everything, then He created EVERYTHING. This means that He created things that we may see as “bad” as well as things we see as “good”.

This would mean that in reality, there is no “bad” or “good”. Remember that everything has a purpose. Instead of seeing things as “good” or “bad”, I have learned to just see the purpose in things.

God gives us enthusiasm. He gives us things that we love. Some people are naturally drawn to music, some to art, some to architecture, some people ares drawn to helping other people. We each have things that we love, and that we are drawn to. Maybe there is something that you would like to do, but never have?

God gives you enthusiasm because that is his plan for you. God gives you natural talent because He expects that you will figure out that He wants you to use them. When your heart melts, when you get goose bumps, when you feel that “I am home” feeling, you are following God’s plan for you.

But how often are we told that we cannot do what we want? How often do we choose safety and security over our dreams? How often do we forget that we are the one’s who make the rules? And where is God in this equation?

I certainly do not for one second, blame anyone for choosing safety and security. When it is time, when you can no longer stand it, you will do what you really want to do.

Sometimes God’s plan is very conventional, but sometimes it is unconventional. I mean, there are plenty of people who have great enthusiasm to go in to field’s that offer high incomes, or a job with regular pay and benefits.

But when the plan is unconventional, we have to have faith in our enthusiasm. We have to have faith in ourselves. Why not? Didn’t God make us? If so, to not have faith in our own self, is to not have faith in God. Right?

Do what you want. Go where you want. Be what you are. Go where your heart lies. Say what you want to say. Don’t spend your life doing things that are meaningless to you. Don’t waste your time like that, because it is too precious.

Did you make your self? No. Did you make your plan? No. You don’t have to make your plan happen either. All you have to do is put yourself on the path. Just head in that direction, and soon you will see. Oh and how you will see.

God’s plan is for each of us to serve others in our own individual unique ways that God gave us.


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Love your writing!! Often my prayer is “May I be in alignment with Great Spirit’s plan for me this day!”

kyle says:

Jennye that word “alignment” keeps coming up for me this week. Glad you are having a good trip across the country, and I know that you are blessed and aligned. You are perfectly Divine!