God is All and All is God


You cannot really define what “God” is.

Some people have been so put off by various religions that they won’t even use the word, because it brings up associations of fear and guilt in them.

But a lot of these people still have another word for “it,” because they know that there is something there. (Obviously excluding our atheist friends)

(I will use the word “God” here simply because that is the word I use. But please feel free to substitute with whatever word you choose.)

We are told that God created everything. Then God looked at everything and said, “It is good!”

The only thing that ever truly resonated with me about God was that, “If God is anywhere, then God must be everywhere.” and “If God is anything, then God must be everything.”

But living here on planet earth can sure present us with situations in which it is hard to find God.

This can hurt. And it can hurt bad.

I think that there is an idea within me that tells me that “good” things are God. But maybe the “bad” things are not. There is the idea of a separation from God. As if there are two Powers in the Universe, instead on just One. God.

It is amazing sometimes how far away from God I can feel. Even though at the very same time I will tell you that God is in fact, everywhere.

It is only in the stillness that I can find real consolation. There I can get peace and feel okay about things. But I have to take the time out of my day to do this.

Here in the stillness, I can rise above and out of myself. I can see what a small part I am of the Whole. I can see that everything and everyone in the Universe is impermanent.

It is all God. And it is moving. Seeds planted, grown, flowers blooming in the sun, and then wilting away back into the soil.

We are a lot like a flower.

God is All and All is God. And It is All Good.

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