Go To the Disturbance


spinning-vortexMy regular readers may know that Heather(my wife) listens to Joel Osteen most every week. Today while we were cleaning, she was listening to one of his talks and as usual, I became intrigued.

Opinion’s about Joel aside, he was describing a lady and her husband who had gone to a tropical island for vacation. On the first day, the husband had drowned. The lady of course was hysterical and upset. Not only was she without family and friends during this very trying time, it would be days before she would be able to get a flight home.

One day a maid heard the lady crying and sobbing in her room, and so she went and knocked on the door to check on the lady.

The story isn’t about the lady and her now deceased husband, it is about the maid.

Osteen said; “The maid heard the lady crying in the other room, and right then and there, she decided to become a healer. She went to the disturbance!” The maid was able to console the lady in distress and be there for her. The maid helped and made things much easier for the woman, until she could make arrangements to fly her and her husband’s body home.

The maid could have easily said, “Well that rich lady can cry all she wants, I’ve got things to do.” She could have come up with a million reasons to leave the disturbance alone. After all, it wasn’t her disturbance.

But it was her disturbance.

She couldn’t hear or see another person in such distress, and just walk away. She put aside the facts that the lady was a certainly much wealthier than her and in a much better life position, and she saw a person who was in pain.

Me? I don’t always go to the disturbance. Sometimes I just don’t have it in me. Sometimes I am too busy. Sometimes it seems like there are just way too many disturbances around me. I know that in my way of understanding the world, it is all God. So God is where the disturbance is, and God is where I am weather I’m going towards or away from the disturbance. This isn’t in question.

But when this lady decided to be a healer and went to the disturbance, she decided to deal with it, to take it on, to see if she could help, … God seems a lot bigger and a lot more real.

I didn’t even hear the end of the story or anything, as I was busy going about my day. But just the part I heard was very inspiring and thought provoking to me. “Do I go to the disturbance? or do I ignore it?” The story just made clear to me that it is when I “go to the disturbance”, that this is where God gets really real.

When I don’t want to face something, when I don’t want to pay a bill, when I don’t want to deal with your problems, when I hear someone in distress who is crying, this is when I need to go to the disturbance. No mater how big or how small it may seem, I need to go towards the disturbance.

Because this is how we grow, and this is the whole idea of the Universe as I see it. The Universe is God. God is the Universal Laws, or “the Way”. The Laws want to be used and activated. They are there for us to activate. When we forgive, we are automatically forgiven and it can be no other way. When we give we will receive and it can be no other way. When we love we are loved and it can be no other way.

When we are compassionate and we go to the disturbance, there becomes “un-disturbed”, and it can be no other way.

at Kanuga 2013

at Kanuga 2013

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