Getting Sucked In To the News


Kyle at Unity Village August 2016

I got sucked in to the news again.

It happens sometimes, but it is so annoying. CNN, Reuters, BBC, and even the Drudge Report…

What is the President doing? What’s up with North Korea, China, Syria, and Russia?

Next thing you know I am reading this story about the next flu epidemic, which they know is coming. Millions will die.

The Facebook killer. The shooting rampage.

It just starts off bad and ends up worse.

It is a wonder we all don’t go jump off a bridge!

That reminds me of a story I saw the other day about how they are spending millions to construct a net beneath the Golden Gate Bridge, because so many people jump off of it every year.

And it all started on Facebook. Yes. People post all these news stories there, and that is where it all started.


So tonight I am going to wash dishes. Play with my daughter. Smile. Play my guitars. Paint.

And I am not going to look at the news.

I have faith that if anything I need to know about happens, then I will know.

You with me?

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