From Chapter 1 of my Book :)


While sitting in the stillness of meditation, I discovered that it was not what I did for a living and where I worked, my family and friends, or the world in general, that was causing all of my stress and troubles. In fact, I amazingly discovered that I am the only person in the world who can create stress and turmoil within myself! I also discovered that a racing or busy mind, is a worried mind. It is at all times worrying, planning, and thinking, and is never in the present moment. While sitting in the stillness, I am in the present moment, my mind is calm, my body is calm, and there is no stress. I just automatically know the answers to things that have baffled me in the past. I can easily see the path that will take me where I want to go, and it is simple. The more I practice meditation, the less I use up energy by thinking. The racing busy mind uses up a lot of energy. Now that I’m not using all my energy by thinking, I have more energy than ever, and accomplish more than ever, with little to no strain or stress at all. I can now experience my life to the fullest extent. When I am with my wife and daughter, I am with my wife and daughter. When I’m at a football game, I am at a football game and I enjoy it. When I am talking to you, I am talking to you. Whatever I am doing and wherever I’m at, has my complete attention. I am right here and right now in a state of Absolute Presence, and once you taste this for the first time, you will want for nothing else.

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