Football and A Spiritual Experience



Sometimes people are really surprised that I am such an avid football fanatic.

You see me sitting in meditation, or in a “spiritual setting”, and so maybe it is hard to imagine me yelling, “Go Dawgs!!!” at the television set. (or better yet at the game) But if you ask me, football season should last year ’round!

Yes yes… football is a physical sport and a violent sport. Yes yes… people get hurt. It is easy for me to understand why some think it odd that I am such a fan, but to me, it doesn’t get much more spiritual than a good football game.

And let me explain,

Discipline. The truly spiritual life is a life that requires great discipline. We watch what we say, what we do, and what we eat. We pray, we meditate, and we read scripture. If you want to see discipline for real, just go spend a couple of days in a monastery. Discipline.

Having played football while growing up, I understand the game. It is like I’m out there on the field. I know every nuance. The smell of the grass, all the brilliant colors, the fans, and at college games the bands… and… these guys devote so much time and so much of their lives for this game.

Me and my dad at the GA/FL game 2013

Me and my dad at the GA/FL game 2013

The constant physical training, the film-studying, the playbook studying, the countless hours spent practicing and honing their skills.

These guys are truly remarkable. And like perhaps a monk living in a monastery, they have devoted their lives to a discipline.

The physicalness, the mental clarity and toughness… all I see is SPIRIT.

Not only that, but football is my only hobby. It’s the only thing, besides spending time with my precious family, that I do that isn’t work. Not that I’m complaining about work, but most people may not imagine that I am usually working. The music, the workshops, the speaking, the writing, the painting, and the scheduling, it all keeps me pretty busy and I love that. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

IMG_2856But…. I am unavailable every year on the day of the Georgia/Florida game. Maybe I’ll see you today in Jacksonville!!!

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