Food, Diets, and Weight Loss(part 2)



Kyle Shiver

Kyle Shiver

– Eat very regularly, and often
– The body needs a good “work flow”
– Lose weight without dieting or diet foods

Many people with weight problems do not eat regularly. Oh yes, they eat a lot, but not regularly. I know for myself that I used to be really bad about eating only once a day, and this is terrible for the body, thus, I was over weight.  More than not, people who eat only once a day will eat late at night, usually just before going to bed, and this makes things even worse. This is like walking up to a kid with a lawn mower and saying “Here’s 50 lawns for you to cut today, and I will be over here resting.”  The kid is overwhelmed, but he will do what he can. The remaining lawns will have to wait for tomorrow. But tomorrow, you repeat the same thing. Maybe he cut 5 lawns the first day, leaving 45 undone. Now to start the next day, he has 95, and we know he will do 5 of those, and will start tomorrow with 140 yards to mow. This is exactly what we do to our bodies when we eat only once a day, and all those lawns that are piling up and waiting to be done, that is fat.

The body and the digestive system works just like a factory. Ideally what you want to do, is have a good work flow. This is created by eating breakfast, a light snack, lunch, a light snack, dinner, and a light snack. Eat at least 4 times a day, but 6 is more desirable. When I was first approached with this idea, I thought it was crazy. I wanted to lose weight, and here was this guy saying that I should eat more often. Sure enough, I gained a few pounds at first, but then came that morning when I had a new sensation. Instead of my usual omelette and all the fixings,  I just wanted an egg and a piece of toast. I wasn’t hungry. I found that eating 4-6 times a day, I didn’t eat nearly as much when I sat down to eat. In no time at all, the weight was falling off of me. At this time, I had not really changed what I was eating, I had just begun to eat 4-6 times a day as a routine. I guarantee that in most cases, if you begin to eat 4-6 times a day, you will lose weight and not have to eat “diet foods”. This is because you are now going to the kid with the mower and saying “Here’s 3 lawns for you to cut today, and I can help you a little, too!”

Weigh yourself today, and then eat 6 times a day for the next month. Then let me know how much weight you have lost.

Many blessings

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