Food, Diets, and Weight Loss(Part 1)

Kyle Shiver  INHA

Kyle Shiver INHA

If you have a problem with food and your weight, you are certainly not alone. The number of books, blogs, doctors and diets, and places who specialize in weight loss, are staggering. People are searching, seeking a way to lose weight, and they will do anything. They will have surgery to remove parts of the stomach, so that it becomes impossible for them to eat too much. Sometimes this works, and sometimes not. For years, people have taken “diet pills” that are supposed to cause them to not be hungry. These pills don’t work, and are terrible for the body. There is always a “latest diet craze” in full swing, and we all hear about them. Most people who have serious weight troubles, have lost weight before, only to put the weight right back on again.

This is a topic that hits very close to home for me, because I have had weight problems all my life. My most major battles in life have been with alcoholism and drug addiction, but all the while my weight has been a fluctuating issue. There are members of my family who have suffered with weight problems much worse than mine, and most recently, we lost my Uncle Kyle. He fought with his weight problems his entire life, until the last few years when he just gave up. He was one of those people you see every once in a while, who was bigger than big. Too big. I have no idea what he weighed, but he had to have easily weighed over 500 pounds. He suffered terribly from guilt, shame, and embarrassment. He told us that he just didn’t like going out in public, he would rather stay home. I knew why he didn’t like going out in public. People stared. People probably made comments. Chairs, and where to sit were a real issue for him. Before sitting down, he had to make sure that he would fit, and also, he had to judge weather or not the chair would support his weight. He couldn’t walk very far without losing his breath, and he could just barely squeeze into his 4 door Toyota Camry. Life was pretty uncomfortable for Kyle, and it just got worse and worse until one day he exercised the only control he had. He woke up one day and took his life. The doctors said that he had been having an onset of early dementia, or that maybe it was Alzheimer’s, but we all know the truth. Whatever problems he may have had were a direct result of mental and physical anguish, because he had absolutely no control over his eating.

Most cases aren’t so extreme. People generally have one “major” issue, and then one or more “secondary” issues. In my life, alcohol and drugs have been my biggest issue, and my weight has been more secondary. My weight has always fluctuated, but it has never gone beyond a certain point. However, it has fluctuated between 180 and 260, which is 80 pounds, and that is a lot. At 180 I am under weight and basically starving myself, while at 260, I am over weight, and stuffing myself. Over the past 5 years, I have been able to make small changes in my habits, that have enabled me to slowly lose weight, and as time has gone on, I have formed totally new eating habits. I am at a good healthy weight, and it feels good to feel good! Yes of course, I had to deal with my own “major” issue first, and then I could begin to focus on my “secondary” issues.

So how did I gain the discipline to achieve a proper and healthy weight, and maintain that weight? We are going to discuss strategy in part 2 of this blog, and I am going to share with you the practice that has worked for me. In the meantime, think about what your ideal weight would be. Maybe do a Google search and find out what your ideal weight would be, based on your height.  Imagine yourself at that weight, how good you are going to feel. This is going to happen, and I will help you.

Many blessings!

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