Focus and Precision


Kyle 2Lets play a game together. Lets pretend that you come up to me and say “Kyle, you can have any car you want, just name it!”

Now I know there are car buffs out there, who know everything about cars, and they know exactly which car they would choose. But how about me? How about the rest of us? I personally am not a car buff, but I do like cars. I mean, who wouldn’t want a nice car? If I could have any car in the world, I would have no idea which one to choose! Which one would be the best for me?

I see lots of snazzy cars. For my purposes though, it would have to be a mini-van or some type of vehicle that I could transport music equipment in. I’m not really the sports car kind, though I would like a sun roof in my new vehicle. So I need to haul equipment, I need something that would be comfortable and fun for my family, or when I take the band on a road trip, and then I think about gas mileage, maintenance costs, etc… Honda? Toyota? Ford has some nice models out right now too. In order for me to make this decision, I’m going to have to go look, test drive, and get information on some different vehicles. Only then can I answer the question in a direct way.

The point of this little game is simply for us to become more self-aware. I am the kind of person who generally says “It’s all good”, and at times, I can be a little too quick to just let things be. This is a great quality to have and believe me, it comes in handy. Things that bother you, do not bother me in the least. BUT when it comes to my personal growth, to my life situation, to what I want to do and what I want to be, and how I want my life to be, I have learned that I must be precise. In other words, I must decide exactly the car I want, chart a course to follow towards getting the car, and then I can get the car.

I usually don’t want to answer. I usually say “I don’t know”. I can be very “wishy-washy”. The trouble is that these are the messages that I am sending out to the Universe. “Maybe, well sort of, I’m not sure, Honda? Toyota? Mercedes? I couldn’t afford to have that could I?” Now, what can the Universe do with all that jumbled up and confusing information? Nothing.

So today my message to you and to myself is : What exactly do you want? Be precise in stating what you want, no matter how outlandish it may seem. Now tell me a plan, no matter how outlandish it may seem. Decide what you want, make the plan and get excited about it! Do something today, no matter how little, towards this plan. Think about it, meditate on it, feel it, live it, become it. No matter how crazy it may seem to you, it can be done. The only thing that can stop us from living our dreams is…. US.

With precision and focus, we can move forward and do things that at one time seemed unimaginable. I didn’t think it was possible for me to make a living as a musician. How do you do that? That is only for a very select few. But I did it. I quit my last day job in 1998. Today I am at work, and my office is in my garage. I am surrounded by guitars and instruments, and paints and things I am going to paint on, and I am writing to you via this blog. I had lunch at the table with my wife, who is also a successful self-employed person who is making her own dreams come true. Now I am off to make the next impossible dream become REAL.

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