We all have an urge to “get somewhere in life” or to “accomplish something.”

It has always resonated with me that we are here in these bodies on earth for a reason. It couldn’t possibly be simply because two rocks collided and there was an explosion and that this is all just some freak of nature mistake.


It is all too perfect.

If there is a reason for us to be here, if there is something for us to do, then we must find out what it is and do it. We are supposed to have those urges to “get somewhere in life”. We are supposed to have goals and intentions in life.

But then in my Spiritual studies it comes to me that we should, “Just lay back and float down stream.”

These look like two opposing ideas, but what if we put them together?

Have goals and intentions, take action towards them, but we do it with ease. We enjoy it. It is easy. We know that the Universe is working with us. We know the Universe is trying to guide us in the right direction.

And this is exactly what happens as we bring ourselves into alignment with the Universal Laws.

We all know or have seen people who just “flow.” They are generally in the same mood all the time. They are easy. They are enjoyable to be around.

We all probably know people who do not “flow” very well. They are moody. They are difficult. They may not be so much fun to be around.

But what does it meant to “be in alignment with the Universal Laws?”

As an example, we can use a character such as the Scrooge.

He never gave. He held on. He had lots of stuff, but he was not happy. A Scrooge has to defend what is his. He has to make sure that nobody gets it from him.

Maybe he even looks down on people who don’t have as much as he does. And maybe this looking down on others is the only way that he knows to feel good.

But does he feel good? Does he look happy? No.

He is all alone.

BUT the exact moment that something happens, something gets to him, and he gives just a little… he feels something new.

I think that we as people are a little slow.

Maybe I think that if I tithe a certain amount, then later today or perhaps tomorrow it will come back to me.

What if “it” happened the moment I tithed?

And I missed it entirely.

Do you follow me here?

The Scrooge is the Scrooge. Just an unhappy Scrooge. The moment he behaves differently, is the moment he is no longer the Scrooge. It all happens simultaneously.

The Universal Laws tell us that “We shall receive as we give.” A person who is in alignment with Universal Laws doesn’t have to worry about losing what is his, or about not getting his share, or about someone taking his stuff away from him.

Looking around me, I see that all the material things and all the people around me, are what I am. They are me. Knowing that I will get what I put out to the world, that I will get what I am,

I can do all the things I do, while laying on my back floating down stream.

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