Feeling “Spiritual” or “Unspiritual”


spinning-vortexYesterday I ran in to a friend of mine and he told me, “I’m not feeling so Spiritual these days.”

I told him the story about the guy who asks his guru to enlighten him, and the guru gives the guy a bracelet that has inscribed on it, “This too shall pass”. The guru told his disciple, “No matter how you feel, just look at the bracelet.”

I’m not really sure if my friend got it or not, but maybe he did.

I sometimes hear people talk about feeling “connected”, and I am sure that this is the same as feeling “Spiritual”. Sometimes we feel this way, and sometimes we don’t. Emotions are in motion all the time, so you can’t really depend on them too much.

I get it. I experience the same thing. Sometimes I go through periods of great depression and I just don’t feel very connected at all, while other times I feel so connected that I worry about getting shocked. I’m a normal guy living a normal life, and it is what it is.

But I watch my emotions and I see them moving back and forth. I try not to base my actions on them, though sometimes I can’t help it.

Answer this little question for me; “Who is it that feels spiritual or unspiritual?”

The answer? YOU. Observe your emotions, but don’t be them. Know they are there, but know that you are not them. Disconnect. Wake up. Decide what actions you want to take, no matter what your emotions are doing. That is what I do.

I chose the photo of the “blue circle vortex” for this blog because it sort of reminded me of a tornado motion. Emotions are kind of like tornado’s. The idea is to be the calm eye of the storm.

If you practice this, you will see that in time, your tornado will slow down and even out. Your emotions won’t go so high or so low. You will begin to  experience “emotional balance”.

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