Everything Matters


kyle_ssi_002 3Race car drivers know how to meditate. So do rock climbers and sky divers. Whenever you do something dangerous, or something that you really have to pay close attention to, you are meditating too.

Can you imagine one of those NASCAR drivers speeding around the track at 200 miles per hour and thinking, “Maybe I’ll take Jenny and the kids to Disney next weekend”? Not hardly. If he isn’t paying the upmost attention, then his life is in jeopardy, and so are the lives of everyone around him.

But when we aren’t doing something dangerous, which is most of the time for most of us, are we paying attention?

Meditation is in a nutshell, paying attention. It is being fully awake and aware right here and right now.

It is just too easy for us to drift off in to “autopilot” in our lives. Getting meals prepared, washing dishes, the same rout to work and back home, the same things, the same people, and things can become so routine, that they are…. routine.

We pay attention when something really matters, but what about all the things and people in our daily routine?

I have found that if I’m not paying attention to something or someone, it is because I’ve decided that “it doesn’t really matter.”

So I invite you to join me today in paying closer attention. In striving to stay off of “autopilot”. Lets live our lives with purpose. Lets act like our lives and the people in our lives matter! Because they do.


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