Everybody’s Crazy and It’s Okay!


IMG_2356As you know, I am a regular meditator. Recently I took yet another class on meditation, and part of the class is to develop a meditation program or routine for thirty days, and journal about it, and then turn in a paper detailing your experience.

Now as a regular meditator, I just had to be honest. I meditate regularly, but not every day. I have gone through periods of daily meditation, and I would say that I do meditate most days, but I decided to play hardball with myself for thirty days and insist on it.

Also, I decided that I would put a time limit on the meditation of twenty minutes, which ninety-nine percent of the time is the least amount of time that I sit for. So I will do a minimum of twenty minutes, but I would like to sit for an hour every day.

That hasn’t happened. I have done at least twenty minutes every day, but with my schedule, an hour hasn’t worked as often as the twenty minute meditations.

But last week I sat for an hour on four consecutive days. Wow.

Last year I did an hour every day for nearly a month and finally had to stop because everything started feeling so strange to me. For one thing, the more I meditate, the more I do and get accomplished every day. For another thing, I had started feeling overly tired. It just felt like more than I could handle, so I went back to twenty to forty minutes.

When I meditate for an hour every day or for a few consecutive days, it causes the sensation that everyone is moving in fast-forward, while I’m not. People move and it surprises me, I get startled easily, and oddly enough, I have to be careful not to have an anxiety attack at times. Everything is different.

You hear what people are saying and often, a lot of it doesn’t really make sense. You watch people, and it is the same. Everything and everybody seems crazy. The other day it hit me that we are all crazy. One of my spiritual advisors smiled and nodded and agreed with me, and he said, “But it’s okay!” The rules don’t change just because I meditate; The outer world is a reflection of the inner world. End of story.

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