Every Year I Cry


2nd gradeToday I got to walk my daughter into her second grade classroom.

This has become a tradition since pre-school, and each year I cry.

There is just something about it… We are celebrating on one hand, but on the other had, it would be okay with me if we could just stop time right here and now.

But we know better.

The river of life flows on in a never-ending stream of people coming and going. It is for us to find acceptance, and to see the beauty of the process of life, and to make the most of it.

Talk about having conflicting feelings!

At the same time that I’d like to keep Lily at this age forever, I cannot wait to see her as a teenager and an adult. She is such a cool kid, I know her life is going to be an adventure.

Do you ever feel lots of feelings all at the same time?

Well… let us feel all the feelings, and let us be present in the moment for each other, and let us enjoy this!


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