Emotional Stability


kyle_ssi_002 3The only thing that is stable, that is never changing, is the formless, and the only thing that is formless is YOU. The witness, the observer, the watcher.

The monk went to his Guru and said “Master I have been here for three years, and I have been the best of students. I have done everything you have instructed and have asked of me, and I am becoming frustrated. I would like to be enlightened and I beg of you to enlighten me!” The Guru reflected for a short moment and then replied, “Come to see me tomorrow at noon, and you shall be enlightened.” 
The next day at noon, the monk arrived in front of the Guru, and was presented a bracelet upon which was inscribed “This too shall pass”. The monk was somewhat put-off and said, “You told me that you would give me enlightenment, and so what does this mean?” The Guru explained; “All things are ever changing in the Universe. When you feel bad, just look at the bracelet and you will be reminded that it will pass. Do the same when you feel good. You are now enlightened!” 

Is that really all there is to this? Pretty much.

One day I saw myself and I saw my pattern.
I had always thought that happiness meant getting what you wanted. I constantly sought to work myself up into excitement over some great thing that I was going to do. This of course would soon be followed by depression. Then I would work myself back in to excitement again, and this was my “wheel”. It wasn’t until I reached to point of denying my excitement and my depression, that I could see real growth in myself. Happiness was not what I had always thought it was.

It is good to know now that my happiness does not depend on getting things I want, or on what other people may or may not do. My happiness, and yours too, is right here and right now. Any time I want I can just stop and take a deep breath, and… everything is good just like it is!

Kyle Shiver is a husband and father, an inspirational speaker, a meditation guide, and a musician. Check out his PODCAST!

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