Emotional Balance


At Center for Spiritual Awareness 2017

The idea of being, “centered,” or, “grounded,” is pretty much the aim for those of us on a spiritual path.

It it very easy to get trapped into, “emotionalism,” and find ourselves perhaps a little too happy all the time. Or it can swing the other way and we can find ourselves a little too sad or depressed all the time.

Or of course there are those of us who have pretty regular mood swings and you never can tell what you will get when you encounter us.

I work with many people who’s brain chemistry may be a little, “off,” and so they take psychotropic meds. Sometimes these work wonders, while other times they seem to only make things worse.

We don’t want anxiety and panic attacks, or depression, or to wallow in self-pity. At the same time we don’t want to go into a manic or overly excited mode either.

I personally have spiritual guides in my life and the first thing I noticed about them is that they are pretty balanced. They don’t give you a knee-jerk reaction, but instead they respond in an appropriate way for the situation.

They are pretty much the same every time we meet.

Some of them seem very, “light.” They almost seem untouchable, but yet they are real. They are right there sitting and talking with me.

When we think of the word, “balance,” let us imagine a tight rope walker. They hold a pole to help keep them in balance, but notice that they are constantly swaying left and right.

But to sway too far either way means trouble for them.

And if we think of the pendulum of a clock, we see that when it moves all the way to the left, it is only gaining momentum to move all the way to the right.

You see?

When we get overly excited or overly depressed, we can count on swinging back the other way, just like the pendulum of the clock.

We can clearly see that it is totally okay to have emotions and feelings and to cry when someone dies or to be elated when you get that new job you’ve wanted for so long.

But we can also see that the center is where we want to be.

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