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Recently I had the opportunity to attend a  workshop by Edwene Gaines, and I must say that she far surpassed any of my expectations or ideas of what the workshop would be like.

First off, I should tell you that I have been writing a lot of late about my hang-ups with the words  “prosperity”, “manifest”, and “abundance”. This workshop was called “The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity”, and so I went to the workshop looking for some answers, and I got them in spades!

The wall that I seem to keep running into, is that I get into a state of calm and bliss, I am okay in the now, and then I start with some statements like “I am worthy of great financial success”, “God created me, and all in God’s Kingdom is mine”, and “I can make plenty of money, doing what I love”.  Now those of you who know me well, know that I have a band, I play a lot of gigs by myself, I have started doing SPIRIT Healing Music Meditation, I am writing a book, just put out 2 cd’s, my wife and I have a four year old, we have a house complete with big yard… lets just say that my days are full and leave it at that! Though I have had many a great success, I am still in a financial struggle most of the time. I am pretty used to it by now but some days it just gets to me, and then one of my projects gets very overly important, and the next thing  I know, I have gone mad. “Why isn’t this working?” “Is this real?” “What do I have to do to be financially successful?” Then I hear a speaker or read an article about prosperity where the speaker uses words like “luxury”, and “abundance”, tells me that I can change my thinking and change my life and I can have anything I want, and then in the next breath says “It’s not about the money.” Come on!!! Then what is it about then? My only play when things get so frustrating is to go back to the Buddha’s teachings that desire brings suffering. I get back into a space of no desire, and everything is good. But I have a purpose here in life and I know this. I have a family to support, I have bills to pay, I have responsibilities. I work on my projects in I guess a “non doing” mind for a while, but then somewhere I slip back into the chaos and frustration, feeling as if I am getting nowhere and totally unsure about this whole thing.

Today in the workshop I learned a great deal, and as I said, all my questions were answered!

You must tithe, and that is that. Tithing is how I can make God real, how I can prove my belief. “I believe, and am unafraid, and furthermore, I know that my love and trust and faith will be returned.” Also, I must tithe where I am “Spiritually fed”. This can be anywhere at all, it doesn’t have to be to the same church every week, but it can be if that is where I am Spiritually fed. Edwene told the story of tithing to a waitress who had said something that had had a profound effect on her.

No wonder!… Is there a day when you actually totally forgive everyone, even yourself? During the stillness of meditation I am okay and forgiving of everything and everybody, and some days I do really well with forgiveness. However, there are certain people… mountains I have yet to climb. If I am holding a resentment or a grudge, I am holding my own self back from growth. However my favorite part of the workshop was when Edwene said “If you don’t know how to behave, you cannot be around me I don’t care if you are family or not!” I can make the decision that I don’t want you around me, but I must not harden my heart towards you.

Goal Setting
I think the way I understand this the best is: 1+7 does not equal 4. If your goal is to achieve the sum of 4, then you need to be working with numbers that are in accordance with that, such as 2+2, or 3+1. By having the correct numbers to work with, 4 is merely a given. But how much of my life have I spent trying to get 4 out of 1+7? So it isn’t even about your final intended goal, it is about the steps you need to take to accomplish the goal. Once this is clear, and you have the correct steps(2+2), the final goal (4) is just there. There is no mystery or complication whatsoever.

Divine Purpose
One thing that resonated with me about Edwene, is that she spoke of her close relation to God in every situation. She conferred with God about where she had been Spiritually fed and where she should tithe. She spoke of conferring with God about forgiveness. She spoke of conferring with God while deciding what her goals would be. I talk with God a lot, but she talks to God more than I do, and that needs to change. I need to allow God into every aspect and every decision and every relationship that I have. Though I have a much closer relationship to God than I have ever had, it needs to continue growing, and that is up to me. Edwene said that whatever makes you happy, is probably in line with your Divine Purpose.

In conclusion, I must add that Edwene said “It is about the money!” She went on to say “If it doesn’t materialize, if you cannot achieve your goal, if you don’t get the money, then something is wrong on the inside!” My questions were answered and I was put in my place! Also I want to say that we have a wonderful SPIRIT community here in Savannah, and thank Unity of Savannah for bringing us such nourishing experiences!

Thank you for reading this, and I welcome any and all comments or discussion on this subject!

In Absolute Presence,

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kyle says:

Easily one of the most powerful and Spiritual experiences I have ever had. Will be seeing her again!!!

Brie says:

Thanks Kyle for posting this. It was great to get a glimpse into Edwene Gaines talk. I was away that weekend and so wanted to go 🙂