Easter Message From Kyle


Our bodies are made up of millions, maybe billions, of tiny cells. Each individual part of our body, our organs, our nails, our hair, all of it is in a constant state of death and re-birth. It is said that every 7-12 years,(varying reports) our bodies are totally regenerated. This means that in 12 years, no part of you who is here today, will remain. No part of the body that is. It is the SPIRIT, our true selves, our soul, that never changes.

Sitting in deep meditation and in a state of Absolute Presence, you will enter a state of timelessness, and feeling of weightlessness. This is because the SPIRIT is eternal. In the truest of realities, there is no time, there is no weight. Jesus told us that nothing is at it appears to us. Buddha told us to meditate on the impermanence of all things. Science tells us that it is all true. Everything is being born, dying, passing through cycles of life and death, all the time. Nothing will remain the same. There is so much beyond what we see and perceive with our human eyes, but today, on Easter Sunday, I invite you to take a few minutes and observe. Observe the body, observe the thoughts that go through the mind, observe the people and things around you. Take a few minutes to simply be the observer, be aware. Each time you are in a state of Absolute Presence, or a state of strong awareness, you are in a sense being resurrected. This is what you are; awareness, consciousness, SPIRIT. Come alive in SPIRIT, and feel this power. This is Heaven. Jesus told us repeatedly “Behold, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!” This means what it says. Heaven is not in some far of place in the sky, it is right here right now. You can be in Heaven whenever you are ready.

Today I will be leading a guided meditation at Anahata Healing Arts Center, at 6:30 p.m. Located at 2424 Drayton Street in Savannah. The meditation will focus on our constant state of dying and re-birth, and will awaken the true SPIRIT. All are welcome to attend, and I hope to see you there!

Many blessings!

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