Don’t Hate the Haters


This is one of the most profound statements of all time, in my own humble opinion. “Don’t Hate the Haters”.
We are in a world that says “Make a stand!”, “Take up a side!” One song comes to mind that says “You gotta stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.” People choose sides, and everyone is against each other. Religions, political party’s, goth kids, punks, skaters, rednecks, the list of our social dividers is a long one. I beg of you to use your eyes and your ears and your awareness, and rise above this.

The Great SPIRIT loves everyone equally. He is not against you, or anybody else. Humanity is evolving into a higher state of consciousness, and SPIRIT is there waiting for all of us, even the hate-filled of us.

One of the main excuses the hate groups use is “It says so in the Bible”. My statement to you is that you are allowed to make your own interpretation of the Bible, but do you think Jesus would have acted out of hate? Do you think that the message from Jesus was for us to divide?

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