Does God Make Mistakes?


Kyle Talk KanugaNot everyone agrees with the statement, “There are no mistakes in God’s universe.”

I have heard varying arguments and debates over the years from people on both sides of the fence.

To me it seems that God really doesn’t want anything, “bad” to happen to us. But God doesn’t really want anything, “good” to happen to us either.

It isn’t like God is sitting up in the sky moving us around as if we were chess pieces. How could a person think that God would love one person, but not another? Or that one person is more deserving as another?

That just doesn’t make sense.

The word, “God” to me is more of a verb than a noun. It is a “happening.” A “motion.”

And so it seems more to me as if things that happen are necessary.

But try telling that to someone who has just experienced a trauma. “All things are in Divine Order.”

It sure doesn’t seem like it at times.

The idea of Divine Order is a lot more tolerable when you are feeling good and everything is going your way.

But if we are going to claim it when things are going our way, then we have to claim it when things aren’t. No matter how bad things are.

Over and over again when faced with difficult challenges in life, I have had to go within and sift through everything. This is when we have to search deep within our soul.

What makes sense to me? What resonates with me?

And no matter what the circumstance, and no matter how much it may be to my disliking, it always resonates with me that there truly are no mistakes in Gods universe.

God is God. Right?

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