Doctors Treating Pain with Virtual Reality


“The fact that you’re getting such huge reductions in pain using something that’s not a drug is a paradigm shift.” Dr. Hunter Hoffman

This quote is in reference to having wounded soldiers play virtual reality video games.

It works and it works really well.

They call it a “distraction,” as if you are saying, “Quick! Look over there!” while ripping off your child’s band-aid.

But they are using this technique to treat circumstances that are far beyond taking a band-aid off of a child.

How could we not be intrigued?

Of course there is a thing called “denial.” We wouldn’t want to not deal with things that need to be dealt with, but… there is also the idea of “Living in the solution, rather than the problem.”

The doctors are telling us that even if we are in extreme pain, the pain can be alleviated to a great extent(and sometimes totally) by simply getting the mind involved in something else.

This is exactly why it is so important for us to be aware of what we are thinking. Where is our focus? Are we paying attention to a solution? or to a problem?

When we place our focus on something and get really involved in this, everything else disappears.

So let us place our focus on the good. Let us place out focus on the solution. Let us find what is right, and place our focus there.

And I know that there are those of you who read my blogs who live with chronic pain, and this article may be of great interest to you.

Much love and many blessings!


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