Do You Put Conditions On Your Happiness?

Kyle Shiver INHA

Kyle Shiver INHA

The other night I was listening to an OSHO talk, and he was speaking about how we put conditions on our happiness. We decide that when we accomplish a goal, we will then be happy. We decide when we get off work, get home and get a drink, we’ll then be happy. We decide that if we had more money or some more security, we would be happy. We decide we need a cigarette. We decide that if we were more like someone else, we would be happy. We decide that if it wasn’t so hot outside, we would be happy.

In each of these instances, we are placing conditions on our happiness. It isn’t so much that we are saying “I will be happy when…” that is the trouble, the trouble is in what we are not saying. When we decide that we will be happy when some certain thing happens, we very subtly are also saying “I am not happy now.” This is what we have to watch out for.

In the Spiritual community we hear so often about “manifesting”, “living your dreams”, and there is much talk of goals and intentions. All this requires us deciding what we want our lives to be like, and what we’d like to change or accomplish. So how do we have goals and intentions that we want to achieve, and not place conditions on our happiness?

The answer is simply to say “I am happy now!” In this moment I am happy. Goals and intentions are very important in life, but we cannot allow them to take over and become the conditions of our happiness. After all, happiness comes from within! When we allow outer conditions to dictate our feelings, this is not really healthy. Knowing that we have intentions, we also know that we aren’t promised tomorrow. As long as my feelings depend on outer conditions, I am in trouble.

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