Do You Like Waking Up In the Morning?


What if God loves us?

What if the Universe really is good?

What if the only thing working against us is us?

What if everything we perceive as a “problem” really isn’t a problem at all?

Waking up in the morning would sure be a lot better under these circumstances. To feel that you are loved by a God, that the Universe is at the very least impartial either way, to feel that possibly we can stop working against ourselves, and to maybe realize that there is a solution for every problem. (which deletes problems altogether)

It feels to me as if I’ve just barely entered into this new world. Kind of like sticking a toe in, just to check the temperature of the water.

Already though I can attest that it is very nice to wake up this way. It is very nice to experience life this way, and to respond to life this way.

Regular readers know that earlier this year my wife and I lost one of our close friends. It happened very unexpectedly and suddenly, and she was a thirty-three year old wife and mother of two.

That sent me right into the trees and caused me to question everything. There were a couple of weeks in which I could find no answer, no explanation, and I could see nothing good or right about it at all.

People listen to me. People listen to my podcast talks, and people read these blogs, and suddenly here I was asking myself, “What are you telling these people???”

In the end, once again, I came to the conclusion that a random world that just happened by mistake doesn’t make any sense to me.

And though I didn’t necessarily understand it, I was able to accept it and release it.

The Universe really is perfect. The stars and the moon and the ocean and the mountains and the sky and on and on I could go with the marvels of this world.

Everything in this world is a marvel if you stop and think about it.

We are all coming and going and the world is full of “good” and “bad” all around us all the time.

Either it’s all random or it isn’t.

The dark time forced me to question myself and explore myself in ways that were deeper than ever before.

And in the end I emerged with even stronger convictions.

I don’t even have to be right, it just has to make sense to me. And to me it seems that whatever force made this beautiful and amazing world, may know things that I don’t.

There may be things that I don’t necessarily like or understand, but today I know that all is in perfect Divine Order.

And it is nice to wake up in the morning feeling that way.

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