Divine Order


IMG_3335All things in the Universe are in Divine Order.

This being said while watching and knowing that I’ve got brothers and sisters (I’m not much on the word “friends”) who are going through hardships right now.

This week I’ll be visiting a brother who was in a horrific motorcycle accident, and somehow survived. He is just now able to have visitors and I cannot wait to see him. This week I am watching sisters go through growing pains that I know well my self, and there is nothing I can do but offer my love. This week I watch people go through all kinds of trials and tribulations of life, and all I can do is be grateful.

I am inspired by those that are doing well in their trials, and I am inspired by those who are maybe not doing so well.  Somehow, no matter what we are faced with, we keep on going! Sometimes we have to be carried, and that is okay. I have had to be carried before more than once.

Life is about one thing, and one thing only; Your relationship with God, the Creator, or if you wish, the Universal Laws.

Bringing ourselves into accordance with God, or with the Universal Laws can sometimes be very painful. We all have to learn things, and we all have our own ways of learning. In the end, the greatest lessons of all are that:

– God does not make mistakes
– The Universal Laws are not a list of “maybe’s”
– It is for me to adapt my self to the Universe or to God, not the other way around.

These lessons tell me that no matter how things may appear to me, they may seem good and to my liking or very much not to my liking, ALL THINGS ARE IN PERFECT DIVINE ORDER.

Many blessings to you!

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Jennye says:

Thanks for your inspiring words! I can 100% tell you there has not been one situation that I initially called a crisis, which by the way I have not perceived any one of these situations as a crisis in the past 10 years(!)…..that an incredible silver lining was not waiting to glow out and shine!
Love you, Kyle and it truly is ALL in DIVINE, Perfect order!

kyle says:

Love you Jennye! It is nice to have no crisis, that is for sure!