Demonstration 8-14-13


I can get answers from the Universe any time I want them. Sometimes I reflect, and ask a question, and it quickly dawns on me that this question has already been answered. Most all of my questions have been answered. After all, I have been living my self-realization since 1998. Since then I have had no “day job”. My initial realization came in 1994, and so I did have a day job for a few years, but… it was only to allow me to do what I am destined to do.

This current transition that I’m in is so big and is lasting seemingly for a long time. A little at a time it happens, but then I look back and am amazed. This fall, I will be not only playing music, but speaking in 7 different church’s. I now lead three weekly meditations in Savannah. The once a month meditation at Unity of Savannah will be two years old in October 🙂 The book is coming along. My online classes are coming along. I know the direction to go in, and I am simply going there. And it is opening before me at just the right times. This is how it feels to slowly and gradually work towards something, and not be doomed to having to have “instant gratification”.

For now it is just me peddling along here and on Facebook, but this won’t last forever. My plans are already happening. At some point, something is going to happen, and it will seem as if it happened over night. But you and I will know better 🙂

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