Define It and Build It(part 3)

A new addition to our family!

Remember, the turtle won the race.

I never went to prom, or joined a group, or went in the military, or had much to do with any kind of group or organization. It’s just not for me.

Were you to define me, you might say, “He is undefined”.

But I am always “undefined”, and so in that way I am in fact, “defined”. You can always count on me to march to the beat of my own drum.

At this stage of my life, the inner “I” doesn’t really want anything. At my center I am so cool and calm and in the bliss, that I don’t want to move. This is because in reality I know nothing I may get or build is going to make me feel any better or make me better. I already am. I have spent a lot of time in this space of late.

But I really want my life to continue to change in the direction it has been going. I am putting a lot of work in to the new things, and the work has already payed off, and it will continue to do so.

It is very different when you don’t need something in order to prove something to yourself or to someone else. Now things become very objective. What comes in to play now is “what are my motives for this intention?”

If you are doing something to prove to yourself, or to someone else, then that is not good. If you need approval and praise, then this is not good at all. Not even to prove a point.

The motives behind our intentions must be pure, and they must be… well defined. There must not only be an end goal or intention, but more importantly, there must be a plan. There must be a step by step guide, especially for people like me.

When you just swerve around all over the place and cannot stay in a straight line, you don’t really ever get anywhere.

Today, even though in many ways I remain “undefined”, when it comes to my intentions and goals, I am walking in a straight line!

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