Define It and Build It


kyle_ssi_003For quite some time now I have felt as if I couldn’t see the “Big Picture”. I knew what direction I wanted to go in, but still I felt as if I’d have to just wait and see where the Universe put me.

This concerned me because in every book in the Universe about “manifesting” or “creating abundance”, they all say that you must be precise.

You write it down, you state it out loud, and you envision it. Some books say that you should tell everybody, and some books say you should keep it to yourself, so… I compromised and told a few people.

Then you go ahead and go “there” in any way possible. So I went to the Goodwill and got a bunch of short sleeve linen shirts and lots of loose fitting light colored pants. I already had the flip flops. This is how I’d dress once I “made it”, so I went ahead and started dressing that way.

I’ve got my blog, my Facebook site, I see my clients(or talk or Skype with them), I lead guided meditations a lot, I speak at Unity Church’s all over the south east, and a few other church’s too. I have a podcast and a youtube channel, and I have basically got this thing up and ready to roll.

The other day I was having a conversation with one of my confidants. We had coffee from Costa Rica, some cigars, and we had a fire in the fire pit. He asked me a few questions and at some point I heard myself say, “Well, ideally, it would be like this…” and I realized that in my voice there was doubt. I have this idea, this way that I want things to be, and I have “loosely” defined it as my intention. But still, I doubt.

You want to know my biggest and ugliest thought? Here it is; “The only time you will ever have money is if somebody dies and leaves it to you.”

That is a pretty awful way to think about yourself isn’t it? That is my predominant negative thought. Whenever I catch it playing in my head, I say “Oh no buddy! I am gonna help a lot of people and I’m gonna make a lot of money!” and then I say, “I am the real thing and I am worthy of it!”

Today I spoke with my spiritual advisor. He told me that I’ve come a long way in the last three years. He said, “You wanted to change your life, and you have!”

I still have “inner work” to do concerning my self doubt and the way I feel about myself. And I’m going to do it. It’s not about what I am going to be, it is about what I am right now. I already am everything I’m ever going to be. It is already inside me. Every day it awakens just a little bit more. The more my self doubt is replaced with my own true self confidence, the clearer the picture becomes.

I will write it down, draw it out, design the plan, and hold the vision in my mind. I will keep on telling my self doubt to “take a hike!”

I’m going to the top of the hill, by sitting in the Supreme Silence of Meditation.

Get it?


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