Define It and Build It (part 4)

From Hanlon Mountain

Are your dreams too big?

Last weekend I had the opportunity to play music for the new Center for Spiritual Living here in Savannah. Reverend Wesley Kramer gave a great message that contained the story of a man named Nicholas Evans.

Nicholas received an assignment one day in school, which was to write a paper on his “dream life”, which he promptly did.

It came back to him with an “F” written on it, along with a note that read something like, “This paper was supposed to be realistic!”

He approached his teacher concerning his grade. The teacher accused him of being too outlandish and suggested that Nicholas come up with something a little more down to earth. The teacher did tell him that he could re-write the paper and try again if he so chose to.

So Nicholas went home and spoke to his father, who said, “I’m not going to tell you what to do son, you have to decide for yourself.”

Nicholas kept the “F”. He still has it. The paper is now in a frame, and it hangs over the mantle of his fire place. (his BIG fire place in his BIG house)

You see, Nicholas went on to write one of the best selling books of all time. (according to Wikipedia) called “The Horse Whisperer.” The book sold over fifteen million copies, and was made in to a major motion picture.

He could have re-written the paper and gotten a better grade. He could have decided that his ideas and dreams were too big, or too unrealistic. He could have listened to his teacher and decided that he would be lucky if he could just get through school, get a decent job, find a good girl to marry, and have a couple of kids.

But he didn’t. He chose to keep his paper just the way if was, with the “F” and all. He chose to keep his dreams just the way they were too.

Except for now they aren’t dreams anymore. They became his reality!

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