Define It and Build It (Part 2)


kyle 4This is not about starting off and heading in a particular direction, and then “seeing where the wind blows us”.

But the Universal winds do blow us around. Several times in life I have been on a very direct path, when suddenly my boat was upside down in the water and the path I had seen so clearly before me was completely disappeared.

I had written it down, stated it out loud, envisioned it, and then headed in that direction. Soon after came the big wave that would leave me holding on to a piece of driftwood for dear life.

“What do I do now?” “Which way do I go?” and “Why would I try this again or believe any of this again?”

What you do now is you start over. These waves that capsize us are simply what the Universe uses to take us off of a track that is wrong for us. “I was wrong”.

You will soon be on new ground. Fresh ground. There will be new people and perhaps a new job. Maybe a new spouse or partner. Now, you start all over.

There was nothing wrong with the way you were envisioning and affirming before. You were just going in the wrong direction. The Universe had to stop it. The Universe(God) will never do anything to hurt you, though sometimes that is hard to see. Especially when you were just about to cross the finish line and now find yourself completely removed.

You want what the Universe wants, right? Not what you want, but what the Universe wants?

Let us always remember; “Thy will be done.”

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