Dealing With Physical Pain


As a spiritual healer, I deal regularly with people who are in emotional pain. But sometimes I work with people who are having physical pain, or who are suffering from an illness or dis-ease.

The main difference is that I have had emotional pain, and I can relate that to people, whereas, I have not experienced migraines, cancer, or crohn’s disease, so I sometimes find myself in unchartered territory in that way. With physical pain, people are sometimes very interested in hanging on to it, just as they are with emotional pain. And I am not going to tell you that pain isn’t real, weather emotional or physical. What you are experiencing is very real.

So what I want to offer today are some idea’s, and hopefully one of them may work for you:

1) Go to the pain: Our initial reaction to pain is to recoil. This is normal. We try to get away from it, we are against it, everything in our being is saying “NO!!!” So this idea involves working with that and turning it around to say, “YES!!!” Now that you have recoiled, the pain is still there anyway, so try to reverse the recoil, and go to the pain. Welcome it. Feel it. Accept it. Don’t be afraid of it. I have witnessed this working with both emotional and physical pain, so it is worth a try.

2) Tell your brain to stop: Okay, you cut your foot, but you cannot even feel or move your foot unless the brain is involved. So the cut sends a signal to the brain, and the brain sends a signal back to the foot. What you do in this case is you tell your brain, “I know my foot has been cut and is repairing its self and the pain is not necessary. I know what is going on. So stop sending me the pain signals!” You are getting the pain signal, so that you know something is out of place or hurt. So just say things like, “I already know and I am taking this matter into account, and the body is healing its self.” And yes, this works for some people.

3) Get your mind off of it: What happens when you are captivated by something? Your mind and body become totally involved in it. A good football game, a video game, a movie or a book, or even a good conversation about something other than your pain and troubles. Typically when we have pain, every bit of our focus goes to the pain. This technique is to put as much focus as possible, somewhere else. There have been lots of recent studies with this, and it is proven to work, even for wounded soldiers and people with extreme chronic pain. If your brain gets involved enough in something else, you will forget the pain.

4) Doctors or Holistic help: I am in no way against medicine, and highly suggest going to a doctor if your situation calls for it. It may be that medicine will help you, it may be that medicine along with one of the above ideas will help you, or you may find that one of the above ideas helps and you don’t need a doctor. But in any case, there is nothing wrong with seeking medical attention as far as I’m concerned. You can also explore holistic treatments, Reiki, or other energy healing treatments.

5) Look within: As my dad says, “Mind over matter will only get you so far.” In other words, we don’t know of anyone yet who has managed not to die. That being said and taken into account, my dad also agrees and says that, “Lots of our illness and things that are wrong with us are in our minds.” So, the truth is that sometimes we can learn a lot from our pain. We know that pain, weather emotional or physical, is a signal that something is wrong. We also know that some of our physical issues are directly caused by our mental and emotional state. So… you can ask yourself the question, “Why am I doing this?” or “What am I trying to tell myself?” or “What is the root cause of this pain? Where is it coming from?” If  you can get to the point of asking yourself these questions, you might be surprisingly find that you get an answer!

kyle_ssi_007Kyle Shiver is a spiritual healer and holistic health practitioner currently living in Savannah Georgia. To schedule your phone, Skype, or in-office session with Kyle, just call 912-495-8520 or e-mail


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