Cultivating Faith


Kyle_Headshot_001 I used to be guilty of talking to God only when something went wrong.

It was a bargaining and pleading type of relationship, and because of this, it was very one-sided.

Whenever things were going okay, I didn’t really think too much about God, if at all.

It was as if God was supposed to serve me. As if I was saying, “I am stuck here, so you could at least make this pleasant and give me what I want.”

But over the years I began to see that life is a gift. I realized that the idea of death and dying was so upsetting to me, because I love life so much.

And my relationship with God changed dramatically.

I began to lose that idea that I was stuck here, and began to take on the idea that there is a reason why I’m here. There is a purpose to life.

Yes, this time here on earth is a gift.

This was when I began to talk to God even on the good days. This was when I incorporated daily meditation and prayer into my life, no matter what was going on or where I was at.

Simultaneously, my life changed dramatically. New people and new opportunities arose seemingly out of nowhere. Before I knew it, I was going places and doing things that I’d never imagined.

And it was a lot better than things that I had imagined.

In the bible, there is the story of the prodigal son. But you can find this very same story repeated throughout the bible in many places.

In the metaphysical world, we do not have an entity sitting on a throne in the sky who punishes us. Nor rewards us for that matter.

We have simple spiritual principals and we have Universal Law, which to me, is what Jesus taught us.

You can work against the Laws. You can turn away from God. And we all know how this story plays out.

But at any time, no matter how long you’ve been doing your own thing, and no matter what you have done, you can always turn back towards the Law.

You can always come home to God.

As soon as you begin to work with spiritual principals and Universal Laws, your life will begin to shift right then. It is immediate.

You probably won’t win the Power Ball, but your life will begin to shift. After all, no matter where you are in life, you didn’t get there over night. It took time. And changing your life for the better is going to take time too.

But you will know. You will see it. You will sense it.

Life gets very different when you ask God, “What is your will for me?” than it is when you are constantly bargaining and making demands, or pleading with God.

And when your life starts changing, you experience it and your faith becomes stronger.

Prayer, meditation, honesty, forgiveness, being nice even when you don’t feel like it, these are just a few of the things that we can practice, that can help us to cultivate our faith.

It is simple. These things help us to cultivate our faith, because they work.

Something to ask ourselves: “Do I have a daily spiritual program that will help me to cultivate faith?” 

Affirmation: “God is always everywhere present and waiting for me to “come home.” In God, all things are possible!”

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