Coming Up to Be Healed


Kyle/Saint Simons Island 2017

The massacre in Las Vegas, all the political arguing, the NFL debate about players kneeling during the National Anthem, and this week the, “Me Too” movement, which seems to have been sparked by the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Though I don’t really talk about all these things a lot and certainly don’t get involved in debating on social media, I see it all. And I am not one of the people who might say, “Oh that is bad and so it doesn’t really exist!”

It is all real. It seems at times that it is too real, because it is so painful. I still cannot wrap my head around the incident in Las Vegas. No.

So what is going on? How are we to look at this stuff and what are we to think about it? It is easy to fall into a totally negative place. Very easy.

But what if this stuff is coming up to be healed?

People probably weren’t very excited about World War 2, but we stopped the Nazi’s. People probably were a little uncomfortable in the 60’s when Martin Luther King led his movement into great change for his people.

As an individual, I know that things sometimes come up in my life. Things from my past will suddenly show up, or situations that arise in my life will be centered around one thing that I need to work on. (by the way, NEVER pray for patience!)

So maybe as a collective consciousness, all these things are actually coming up in order to be dealt with and healed?

That is how I see it.

Speak loud. Say what needs to be said and do what you need to do. And let us all be healed!

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