Coming To!


Kyle/Saint Simons Island 2017

When people ask me how to begin meditation, I suggest that they do the same exact thing that I did in the beginning.

  • Sit in a quiet place in a comfortable position. You can sit on the floor, you can use a wall for back support, or you can sit in a chair. Sit up straight, but try to be comfortable.
  • Now you want to keep your eyes and mouth closed and breathe through the nostrils. Inhale/exhale equals one complete breath.
  • You can imagine that the air coming in is a color.
  • You don’t need to take really deep breaths, but you want to, “breathe the body,” rather than it just breathing on its own. (Which it does a vast majority of the time.”
  • Now you want to focus your attention on the breath for twenty-five complete breaths.
  • When your attention wonders, (not IF but when) as soon as you realize that you have drifted away from the focus, you go back.
  • When you have wondered away and you, “come to,” you go back to the focus of the breath. If you can remember what number you were on when you drifted off, then just start there. If you cannot remember, then you start over again at one.
  • After you focus on the twenty-five breaths, then stop, “breathing the body” and just observe as the body breathes.

Now, the most interesting thing that came to me in the beginning was, “Holy cow! I cannot even focus on one thing long enough to count to twenty-five!” Often I would get to three, or maybe seven, and then the mind would re-mind me of a bill that I hadn’t paid, or of something at work…

When I got to the teens I was ecstatic!

Then came the day I sat down and with all of my might, held my focus in place for twenty-five breaths.

After that it became really easy. And after focusing on the twenty-five breaths, I found that just watching the body breathe was probably the most relaxed and pleasant things I’d ever felt.

Just being.

It changes you in many ways. Blood pressure, circulation, helps with anxiety, and it is also the rest that many of us do not necessarily get while asleep. Rest. Yes.

But also, you are now a person who can direct the brain to focus on a particular thing, a lot longer than most people can. It is really difficult to describe this, but it just changes you.

You are slower to react to things and situations. More apt to consider before you speak. And being able to focus on a higher level, I found that the more I meditated, the more I got accomplished in life.

Yes there are still times when my brain is more active than other times. Yes I still sometimes have to, “Come to” and go back to the last number I can remember or start over completely.

This is always going to happen. This, “Coming to.” No matter how well you train your brain to focus, there will always be times when it will go away to the past, or to the future. That is simply what it does.

But now it is different. Now when your brain drifts off, you will, “Come to” at some point. And what a magnificent PRESENCE and SPIRIT you are when you are here!

Let us all Be Here Now more often. Let us all COME TO!

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