“Come Sunday” (An Expansion of Consciousness)


With Bishop Carlton Pearson(holding my new book!)

The other night while watching the new Netflix movie, “Come Sunday,” which is based on the life of, Bishop Carlton Pearson, I was again reminded of how contradictory the Bible is. Of how the Bible says one thing in this chapter, but something entirely different in another chapter.

At times you can find the exact same story, written by two different people, and from two very different states of consciousness. Thus with two different outcomes.

Even as a child I thought the Bible must surely be parable. Meaning that you cannot take it literally. The stories in the Bible are meant to tell you something. The stories have a much deeper meaning. If you actually wish to read the Bible and take it literally, it doesn’t make any sense at all.

Right off the bat, Adam and Eve, our first couple that started the human race, … had three sons. (hmmm…)

The other religions that I have studied pretty extensively are Buddhism and Taoism. Neither of which are anywhere near as contradictory as the Bible and, “Christianity.”

When we enter the, “New Testament” and Jesus arrives, things do get a lot more consistent. There are, as we know, variations in the writings in the chapters of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, but they are not nearly as contradictory as the, “Hebrew Scriptures.” (the Old Testament)

Jesus was very consistent in teaching us to forgive, and to love one another. Especially our enemies. His teachings were pretty much identical to the teachings of the Buddha and of Taoism. (and much other ancient scripture that was written even before the Bible.)

Back to the movie.

I’ve heard Bishop Pearson speak twice, and have heard his personal account of his change in consciousness and the realizations he has had in life.

But watching the movie was very powerful. To actually see the portrayal of him standing up for what he believed in, meanwhile losing all that he had.

And he had a lot. A huge congregation, a television show, many outlets that were helping and working with the poor, not to mention the praises and support of Oral Roberts. But Bishop Pearson told them all goodbye. Left them all behind.


Very few people are ever put in such a position as he was. And who have we ever seen actually walk away from it? (The Buddha immediately comes to mind, though obviously a different story.)

Do yourself a favor and see this movie! Here is link to the official trailer.


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