Clutter vs. Attracting Abundance

Kyle Shiver

Kyle Shiver

The first lesson in creating a more abundant life, is getting rid of clutter. The things that you have around you that you haven’t used in years, the things you excitedly bought and never wore, and all the things that have no reason or purpose in your life. Anything that you don’t use must go.

Why is that so hard? Because I’m going to use it! Or I may need it next week, you never know! One time somebody gave me a box of really nice expensive shirts and I coveted them. Did it matter that I would never wear these shirts? They weren’t my style, but they were nice and expensive and “I could never afford them”, so I kept them. So I had these nice shirts, and even though I didn’t really want them or intend to use them, I sure wasn’t letting go of them. For a long time, I had a drawer full of these wonderful and expensive shirts that I wouldn’t be caught dead in.

Now I invite you to just think about the mentality of my situation. “Things I could never afford”, being glad that I had some nice shirts, even though I’d never wear them, … one day I began to see that this behavior was truly a reflection of how I felt about myself and my situation. By continuing to hang on to these shirts, I was perpetuating the situation. I was giving life to the reality that “I’d never be able to afford them”, or that I didn’t have nice things already. It was needy, it was clingy, it was desperate to a degree, and it was really hard to give those shirts away. But I found someone my size who wore this kind of shirt, and boy was he happy!

You see, this is about our deep seated inner feelings about ourselves. This is about our thinking. These feelings cause thinking patterns that keep us from moving or growing. But this is the way we think! This is the way we see it! So it feels all wrong when we start to behave in ways that make more sense. This situation with the shirts made absolutely no sense, and what made sense just didn’t feel right. I did what made sense and soon began to see some different results in my life. I made some decisions based on facts, rather than on my feelings.

Today I think about the flow of the Universe. If I don’t have any use for it, if it has been sitting around for a while, it really needs to go. There is always someone who would use and appreciate it, and this is a chance for me to give. And if you don’t allow things that you don’t have a use for, you create space for things that you will use. And they will magically appear. I am going through yet another clearing out in my space, and it feels better every time, and it does get somewhat easier with practice. There are still things that I want to hang on to, but know that they will just sit in the corner collecting dust. Also today, I know that if owning expensive shirts was a life goal, I could own them. I know that I can do anything I want, and that nothing is impossible in the Universe. This is a little different mentality, and a much more abundant one!

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