Chakra Balance


kyle 6 sunflowerWhen working with chakra’s I use my hands, my intuition, and even better is my crystal pendulum, which is very helpful and doesn’t hesitate to let me know what is happening. I have seen many clients now, and so far there has only been one instance where the pendulum didn’t line up with what was going on with the client. In this case, I could see clearly, and the pendulum could see clearly, but the client was not seeing clearly. What is there for me to do but wait? In the spiritual world, it does no good to force the issue.

As always, thank you for visiting my site! Here is a short writing on chakra work, by my beloved teacher Dharmadevi, from Reiki Blessings Academy.

“Make sure you and your clients understand that you are not “opening” the chakra’s. To open someone’s chakra’s with the intent to speed up their enlightenment goes against the Natural Order. Each person is an individual and must progress through his spiritual growth at his own rate.Please be cautious of anyone suggesting that they can open your chakra’s and bring about your spiritual enlightenment- they cannot and there can be serious effects from this sort of work. You see, energy follows the path of least resistance. As you grow in your spirituality, your chakra’s naturally open up and let more energy flow in to help you along your path, which is totally safe. It the chakra’s are forced open, the necessary channels have not been set up and the energy flows to the weakest area. This flow of energy can manifest problems that might not need to occur, such as being faced with an issue that needs resolving but not having the answer to take care of it.” Dharmadevi

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