Celebration Day


220px-Religious_symbols-4x4.svgPeople who were raised in a particular religion, have genuine fear of other religion’s and idea’s.

And it is no wonder, because most religious sects teach that their way is “The Way”. Even if they don’t say that everyone else is wrong, it is implied. Just by joining, we are saying, “This is the one for me”, and it is a subtle, almost invisible step that we can take into, “and mine is the right one!”

Only God could know how many different religions there are in the world. Because what we do is we divide and split. This just seems to be the way of the Universe. Actually, scientists say now that the Universe is constantly expanding. Maybe this expanding or dividing is just the way of all things.

Having spent most of my adult life studying Taoism and Buddhism, I can tell you that the same thing happened with those religions. They all divided into many sects. These past few years of studying the bible more closely has only caused me to snicker…. How many different versions of the bible are there now? Anybody?

All people everywhere seem to have a built in need to be “right”, or to “know the way”. And I have come to see this great need that we have for what it truly is; FEAR

I have it too. This is after all, a pretty big thing, and… what if I’m wrong?

Once many years ago I was talking with my spiritual advisor at the time. I was describing to him that “If God created everything, then He created us, and since He created Us, then we are Him.” I said, “I am God and so are you!” and to this he replied, “Im sorry that you feel that way.”

This sent me into a tail-spin. How could it not? Was I wrong? How could I be wrong, when this was the only thing that made any sense at all to me? But it did cause me to question myself and to doubt myself.

But no matter the scripture I am studying at any given time, Jesus was the one who was most clear about it; “I and my Father are ONE” he said. He also told us that we will do even greater things than he himself did. Jesus taught and demonstrated what we know as the “Universal Laws”, which are true for each person in the world, no matter the circumstances, and excluding no one.

But right from the beginning, out of fear, we have divided ourselves. I know that we were created this way, and so I know it is very much Divine.

But today I will be officiating a wedding ceremony. Besides having the honor of joining two people together in Holy Matrimony, what often times happens at a wedding is that people from many different walks of life, come together in one place. That will be the case today, as people from different religious backgrounds and different social backgrounds will all join together to witness this great commitment between two people.

And this is spectacular. This is when I love it. This is when people come together and put aside, “well I go to this church or I go to that church or this is what I believe, and this is how it should be done” and we all come together in front of our One. This will be a moment of Uniting, rather than dividing. Celebration Day.

I look at it, and I see that it is good.

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