Can You Really “Manifest” What You Want?


kyle_ssi_003Yes you can! As a matter of fact, we all “manifest” or create our lives all the time, and there’s nothing we can do about that. I used to blame anyone and everything on my life being the way it was. The day I stood up and took responsibility for all the decisions I’d made was the day my life started changing for the better. It was the day I started “manifesting” what I want my life to be like. If you are in the victim role, and your life is somebody else’s fault, then you can expect it to stay just like that. It will always be somebody else’s fault.

There are many people in the world who know this already. They are the “well adjusted” folks. To them, things are simple. They have a goal, they find out what they will need in order to accomplish the goal, and then they do it. It’s a no brainer really for some people. For those of us who have found ourselves in the starring role of a movie we don’t like, it just isn’t so simple. Something is a little out of whack with our thinking, and until we can come to terms with this, there is no hope.

Most of my clients are in some sort of situation that they want to change. There is something that they want, but their actions do not show this. Often it is because there are no boundaries, there are no guidelines in place for them to follow. For instance, someone may say “I want to have a healthy relationship, but it just won’t happen and I don’t know why.” So my question to them is “What is “healthy”?” Can you define what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy? If not, then chances are you don’t even know what a healthy relationship is. So define it! Once you define what is healthy and unhealthy, then you can begin to move in a different way. When you go out with someone and this person shows you all the clues that they are not healthy or capable of having a healthy relationship, you can see this and right away you will know to move on. When we are clear about things, this sends much different signals to the Universe.
As a result we will begin to draw different people into our lives.

So whatever it may be that you want to manifest, make sure you are clear. Make sure that what you want is well defined. Above all, make sure that your actions are in line with your goal! If your actions are in line with your goal, the goal will be accomplished!

Kyle Shiver is a life coach, meditation instructor, energy healer, musician, inspirational speaker, and also a visual artist. He hasn’t had a “day job” since 1998, and is standing by to help you live your dreams!

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