Can I Change?


First off, let’s completely forget about what we want to change. Habits, characteristics, situations, etc… Let’s ask ourselves the question “Do I have the power and the ability to change?”
Oddly enough, what just popped into my head is the story of a friend of mine who achieved great success in the music business! Literally he one day had $5, and the next day he had millions! People use the term “over night success” and it was used about my friend, but I had seen him play for over 10 years! Just a few months before he “hit it big”, he was driving around the country in an old van with his dog, playing for whatever he could scrape up. I remember us doing a gig and making $50 a piece. Shortly after that, and within a very short period of time, his life changed drastically.
This story is the perfect example of change being something that we work towards.

Another thing that comes up right now is “Why would I pray for more, when I don’t seem to be able to handle what I already have?” Now this is a tough one, but true as the sky is blue. In my prayers and meditations I received this question, and immediately knew that something was not right with me. Upon closer examination, I found that I was asking for the “final result”. Asking and asking until one day it was pointed out to me that I was asking for money, while showing no signs of being able to be responsible with money. Also, it was pointed out that I was asking for final results, as if there was no work for me to do! Then I realized also that I had fallen back into an old pattern of asking of God all the time, instead of thanking God for what I already have! Understand that this is just me, but these are major pitfalls that I have to watch out for. No asking, just thanking! (May I add, that this approach has been much more helpful!)
We have to understand that these changes we want are gigantic! When these changes occur, we are going to be in a different world, on a different channel, a different plane of existence. Also, we have to understand that in order to receive, we have to give. We have to work for what we want. We have to learn our lessons in the here and now and ready ourselves for the changes we want.
So I can’t just suddenly be on top of the mountain, I got some climbing to do! I am very thankful that I have all I need to take a step today!

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