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“Every great way-shower of both past and present has told us that “Everything is within.” It is true! So how come we cannot find it? How come we cannot access what we need? The only reasonable answer could be that we simply do not really know the Power that is within us. This book will take away all the excuses, and teach you hands-on, how to begin moving in the direction you want to go in your life. You will learn all the common pitfalls to avoid, and develop a precise plan to get exactly what you need in your life. All the answers and Divine Ideas are truly within you and you are meant to have access to them.”

About the Author

Kyle Shiver INHA

Kyle Shiver INHA

Kyle Shiver is the visionary and founder of Spirit Ministries. Kyle has a Bachelor’s degree in Spiritual Healing from the Yogananda Institute, and is certified in life coaching, reiki, chakra balancing, and meditation. Kyle is also music director at Unity of Savannah, and travels to Unity and other New Thought church’s in the southeast playing music, giving talks, and leading workshops. He is currently studying to become a Licensed Unity Teacher. 

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