Building Gratitude


You know how sometimes a word can strike you in a funny way?

Recently I was reading and studying and came across an author who was talking about how we often look for what is “absent” in our lives.

It is easy to spot the things that we want but don’t have.

It is easy to spot when people aren’t acting the way we want them to.

It is so strange how ninety-nine things can go right, but let that one thing go wrong, and BOOM. All of our focus can go there to that one thing, and suddenly the ninety-nine “right” things don’t even exist.

We cannot even see them, much less feel any gratitude for them. We place all our attention on what is “wrong”, or rather, on what is “absent” in our lives.

Of course this is the old “Attitude of Gratitude” idea that we are all so familiar with, but this word “absence” just hit home with me for some reason.

What is absent in my life? What is not there?

It has been quite interesting to shift my focus over to what is “present” in my life. Actually it is hard to believe all the “things” that are present in my life.

Even after doing clean out after clean out, there are still many “things” around which I have no use for and don’t even use.

But the really important things that are present in my life are the people. The relationships. The people who care about me. The people that I care about.

The real truth is that I am a pretty standoffish guy. Though as a musician and public figure, there are always many people in my life, I don’t necessarily get close to people.

But lately I have found myself being more my true self with a few more people than usual. And lately I have been in total awe of the love that the people around me have for me.

What I am most grateful for today, is that I can be present for my life.

What is present in your life today?

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